Monday, August 8, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “Rapunzel”


There once was a couple who wished for a child. Next to their house was a beautiful garden that belonged to a witch. One day the wife noticed some rampion (a blue flower that can be used in a salad) in the garden and really wanted it, for some reason.

After several days, she asked her husband to go get her some. So he did. The wife loved the salad, and begged for more. When the husband went the second time, the witch caught him.

At first the witch was upset, but then she came up with a deal. The couple could have all the rampion they wanted, but she would get their child.

When a girl was born to the couple, the witch came and took her. She gave her the name Rapunzel, which is apparently another name for rampion.

By the time Rapunzel was twelve, she had long, golden hair. The witch at this time shut her into a tower that didn’t have a door. So Rapunzel had to let down her hair for the witch to climb it to get in to the tower.

Some years later, the king’s son was riding in the forest when he heard lovely singing. He stopped and tried to find a door to the tower, but could not find any. Each day he returned to listen to Rapunzel sing.

One day he was there when the witch visited, and he saw how to enter the tower. The next evening, he went to the tower and called out for Rapunzel to let down her hair.

The prince climbed up and Rapunzel was surprised to see a man, because she had never seen one before. But, he seemed so nice so she agreed to marry him. But she had no way to get down, so she asked that he visit her each evening and bring a piece of silk rope so she could get herself down.

The witch finds out about this because, despite trying to keep this a secret, Rapunzel asks the witch why it takes her so long to climb her hair when the prince does it so quickly. The witch was so angry she cut of Rapunzel’s hair and then – somehow – took Rapunzel far away.

But that night, the prince visited again, but this time it was the witch who lowered the hair. The prince was so upset with grief he jumped from the tower. He lived, but thorns plucked out his eyes.

The prince then wandered for several years, until he happened upon the place Rapunzel lived, with her children. When they met, her tears healed his eyes, and they went back to the kingdom and lived happily ever after.


I don’t care how fantastic a salad is, why would anyone go into a witch’s garden?

Wait, Rapunzel can’t tell the difference between the witch and the prince calling out to her? Did the witch have a manly voice?

How high is this tower that the prince can’t find a rope long enough he can just carry up once to let her escape?

So Rapunzel is rather dense when she lets slip she’s seeing a man.

Interesting how Rapunzel had children. You’d think that back in the day they’d have to wait until they had a proper wedding.  Maybe more interesting are her healing tears.

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