Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Writing Prompt for August 30

Write a sentence containing the following word: day job

Here is my example:

Yes, the author’s day job paid the bills, but it really cut into YouTube watching time; and writing.

Image from Pixabay.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Writing Prompt for August 23

Write a sentence containing the following word: cover

Here is my example:

It’s an odd feeling seeing the cover of a well-loved book falling off: on one hand it’s sad, but on the other there’s a reason it got that way.

Image from Pixabay.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Grimm Reviews – “Snow-White and Rose-Red”

“Snow-White and Rose-Red”

There was a widow who had two roses in front of her house.  One with white roses, one with red.  She also had two daughters, Snow-White and Rose-Red.  The kids were happy and did things together, but Snow-White was “more quiet and gentle.”

While the two were in the forest gathering berries, the birds and other animals would be near them, even eating out of their hands.  If it grew dark, they would just lie down on some moss and sleep, with harm never coming to them.

One morning, after sleeping in the forest, they saw a beautiful child dressed all in white near them.  He went away without saying a word, but they saw that they had slept near a cliff, and their mother told them it must have been an angel watching over them.

One winter night – as they sat around the fire listening to their mother read – there was a knock at the door.  Rose-Red opened the door to who they figured was a traveler, but it was a bear.  They screamed, but the bear told them it meant them no harm, it was just looking for a warm place to spend the night.

So they let the bear lie before the fire.  They even took a broom and cleaned the snow from his fur.  They then began tugging his fur, and hit him with a switch, all in good fun.  In the morning, they let him out.  He then spent every winter night with them. 

When spring came, he told them he had to go away all summer to protect his treasure from the dwarfs, who couldn’t get to it when the ground was frozen.  As he left, a bit of fur caught on the door, and Snow-White thought she saw some gold.

Sometime later, the two girls went to get some firewood.  They came across a dwarf with his beard caught a log he’d been trying to split.  After some insults, the girls cut off the tip of his beard to free him.  He isn’t too happy about that, and grabs a bag of gold and runs off.

Sometime later, the two girls went fishing.  They found the dwarf who had his beard twisted in the fishing line and a big fish was trying to get away.  After some insults, the girls cut of a bit more of his beard.  He wasn’t happy about that, and grabbed a bag of pearls and took off.

Sometime later, the two girls were on their way to town when they saw a bird land on some rocks, followed by cries.  They found that an eagle had grabbed the dwarf.  They pulled on the dwarf until the eagle grew tired and let go.  After some insults for them ripping his clothes, he grabbed a back of precious stones and took off.

The girls went to town and were on their way back when they came across the dwarf looking at his stones.  He was yelling at them when the bear came out of the woods.  The dwarf tried to buy the bear off with his treasure, even offering him the two girls.  But the bear killed him.

The two girls started to run away, but then they heard the voice of their bear friend.  When they waited for him, the bearskin fell away revealing a prince dressed in gold.  He had been cursed by the dwarf – who stole his treasure – and had to run around the forest as a bear until the dwarf died.

The prince married Snow-White, and his brother married Rose-Red.  And they split the treasure the dwarf had hidden away.


When I reread this to write up this review, I had forgotten about the angel, since it played no other part in the story.  So why have it?

Even if all the animals loved you, why would you start hitting a bear with a switch?

If I bewitched someone into a bear, I’d then probably end up with a bearskin rug.  Why risk them coming back for vengeance?

Did there really need to be two sisters?  I mean, couldn’t Snow-White or Rose-Red have done all these things themselves?  Then there wouldn’t have been any need for this brother who just suddenly appears.