Saturday, September 30, 2023

Writing Newsletter Third Quarter 2023

In my last newsletter, I explained how I was going to polish up my collection of stories about writing, The Uncapped Pen, to have it ready for when the writer’s strike ended.  Well, I polished it up, and figured all I’d need would be a final read through.  Well, when the strike ended I was trying to do six other things, and since the strike had gone on for so long, after a final read through there needs to be a final, final read through.  But my plan now is to finally publish it sometime in the first week in October.  So you have that to look forward to.


I continued my Monthly Stories this quarter with “It’s Too Hot,” “The Struggle is Real,” and “Forbidding Knowledge.”

This quarter I also published two haiku, one for the Fourth and a another one in July.  I also published the stories “We All Scream” and “Dust to Dust.”


I was ill during July – nothing serious, just I didn’t feel up to doing anything for a couple of weeks – which really threw off a lot of my writing projects, such as my Free Story Ideas.  I have a spooky one I need to do for October, but I think I might wind down my blogging for this year and start next year with a big boost.  We’ll have to see how that goes.


Image from Pixabay.