Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Free vampire story ideas

Yesterday I was scrolling through Twitter, or Facebook, I forget which, and I saw a post of someone asking for tips for writing a vampire story.  I didn’t read any of the suggestions because I didn’t really care.  Vampires have almost been done to death.  But the idea of a vampire story fluttered around in my head, and I thought that for a good vampire story there needs to be some twist.  As a random example, I thought of a reverse-vampire.

A reverse-vampire was just supposed to be a joke, but I started wondering what that would entail.  Like, would that just be a “vampire” that gives blood to the people they bite?  Like would royal families keep a reverse-vampire around to treat the hemophiliacs in the family?  Or would they be used to give clean blood to doping athletes?  I could picture a scene in an ER where someone had a bad accident and the doctor goes, “They’re losing too much blood.  Somebody wake up Vlad.” And a nurse grabs a broom and pokes a bat sleeping in the corner, and it would transform into a groggy guy who bites the patient and gives them blood.

I got a chuckle over these ideas, and I’d write them myself, if I didn’t have like, 8,000 other story ideas I want to write.  So if you can make anything of these, have at it.