Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Three flyer stories

I don’t remember exactly where these ideas came from, but back in 2006 and 2007, I wrote three flyer … stories.  They are odd little “stories” that would fit on a flyer.  I think part of the reason I did them was just for the challenge, but I also have an odd sense of humor.  I did post the first one on my website, but I don’t know if I ever posted the other ones anywhere.  I recently came across them while cleaning some files, and decided to post them here.  Enjoy.


Of Alpha Centauri

Your first choice for anal-probing
equipment and accessories.

We put the

into anal-probing.


Men, are you tired of girls who won’t give you the time of day?

Then you haven’t experienced

PsychoLove™ is the dating service that pairs you with a stalker.  See what our satisfied customers have to say about PsychoLove™.

“I hated telling guys to call me, and then never hearing from them.  But John, my PsychoLove™ stalker, calls me every fifteen minutes.  I’ve never had someone pay so much attention to me.  I love it.”
                                                - Anna H., Pittsburgh, PA

“When I had to get a restraining order on my PsychoLove™ stalker Susan, she just thought that was real kinky.  That’s when I knew she was the woman for me.”
                                                - Thomas K., Tulsa, OK

To experience the difference of PsychoLove™ just call
and we will set you up with a stalker in your neighborhood.



Pet Metilabs

1.9 m length
210 kg
BLACK w/ some GREEN spots
third, left, rear leg has been amputated
answers to the name: Poochy

If found, email

WARNING: Has developed taste for human flesh