Monday, August 29, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “The Rabbit’s Bride”

“The Rabbit’s Bride”

A woman and her daughter had a cabbage garden, and a rabbit came and started eating the cabbage. The daughter went to shoo it away, and the rabbit asked the girl to sit on his tail and go to his hutch. The girl refused.

The next day, the same thing happened and again the girl refused. But on the third day, she accepted and sat on his tail as he took her to his hutch. He set her to work as he went to invite the wedding guests.

So all the creatures showed up, but the girl was sad. The rabbit went twice to get her ready for the wedding, but the girl didn’t go. Then she stuffed her clothes with straw and went home to her mother. The rabbit came in the third time, and hit her and her “head” fell off and he was very sad for he thought he had killed his bride.


They only grew cabbages? Why? Why not add some rabbit to their diet?

What did this girl think she was getting into, and why did it take the rabbit asking three times for it to work?

If it was so easy for the girl to just walk away, why did she wait so long to do it?

Um, okay. Was there a point to this story? Other than that talking rabbits are apparently somewhat stupid.

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