Monday, August 1, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “The Glass Coffin”

“The Glass Coffin”

A tailors apprentice became lost in a forest. He climbed a tree to spend the night to be away from any beasts. In the night, he saw a glimmer of light and went towards it. He found a small hut where an old man lived. At first, the old man tried to send him on his way, but the tailor pleaded to let him stay the night and the old man relented.

The next morning the tailor was woken by a loud noise. He ran outside to see a great bull and stag fighting each other. The stag eventually won, then gathered the tailor up in his horns and carried him off.

The stag carried the tailor to a rock wall and let the tailor down. The stag pushed his horns into the rock, and a door opened with a blast of fire and smoke. The tailor didn’t know if he should run, but a voice came out of the rock bidding him to enter.

Inside was a great hall, and the voice told him to step on the stone in the center for a great fortune. The tailor did as he was asked and he sank down into the mountain. There he found another hall with two glass chests. In one he saw a miniature castle and farmland. In the other he saw a beautiful maiden.

She looked asleep, but then she opened her eyes and begged the tailor to open her glass coffin. The tailor did as she asked, and she came out and told him her story.

Her parents had died, and she was raised by an elder brother. They loved each other so much, they promised to never marry and stay together. One night a stranger came to their door and begged a place to sleep. He told such stories the brother begged him to stay a little longer.

That night, music woke the girl. She wanted to call out to her maid, but could not speak. She saw the stranger – a magician – enter through her locked doors. He offered her his hand, but she refused. The stranger then said he would punish her.

The next morning, she learned that the stranger had ridden off with her brother. She went after them, and found the stranger leading a stag. She realized what had happened to her brother, and tried to shoot the stranger but the bullet bounced off of him. He then made her go to sleep.

She awoke in the glass coffin. The magician told her he had shrunk her castle and lands and turn all her people into smoke in jars. He would return everything if she agreed to marry him, but she again refused. She fell asleep again until she woke to the tailor.

The two carried the castle outside where it returned to normal, and they freed all the people turned to smoke. He brother also returned to human form because he had killed the magician as a bull. And the girl and the tailor were married.


I guess this tale makes about as much sense as the rest of them.

Was there some significance to him being a tailor?

Was the brother/stag just going to pick the first man he found to free/wed his sister?

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