Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My ebook goals for the next year

In May of 2017, I put up a post about My ebook goals for the next year.  The idea was to let people know what I was working on, and to be a reminder for me to actually get to work on them.  So I wouldn’t forget about them, I put a link to it on my webpage.

My hope was to get three ebooks out in a year.  But thanks to life be complicated, I didn’t get any done.  I recently put out the first on my list, “Seventh Story Stockpile,” but it was about … seven months later than I had planned. 

The second ebook on last year’s list is “Travels Beyond Imagination,” and I have a hard deadline for that.  It contains stories set on the moon, and next July will be the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, which is kind of an ideal point to have such an ebook out.  My plan is to have a rough draft of it done by the end of this year.  The main reason is that if I don’t have it by then, then I’ll really have to get my ass in gear to finish it in time.

The last ebook from my list last year was Book I of my Pathfinder Saga, “Scars of the Blood Fire Valley.” I’m putting that on hold, for a bit.  I have a rough draft of it done, but it needs a lot of revising.  Especially since the original version was a standalone fantasy story which I didn’t decide to make a part of a series until I was pretty much done with it.  So there’s a lot that I need to rejigger.  I’m about a third of the way through Book II, “What is Found in the Wilderness,” and my current plan is that once I have them both done, I’ll put out “Scars” and then a month later put out “Wilderness.” Hopefully, there will be some excitement to get me working on Book III, “First Steps.”

The only new ebook I’m adding to this year’s list is a so far untitled collection of scifi stories.  I have a few stories I’ve submitted to a couple of places, but none have taken them.  I also have a bunch of stories I’ve self-published that have been pretty well lost on the internet.  It’s probably something I could whip together in a month or so, but I’m going to leave it on a back burner to focus on “Travels.” So depending on how quickly I get “Travels” done, we’ll see when I get around to this project. 

Stay tuned to see how I do.

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