Friday, July 13, 2018

My new story collection is out!

I’ve finally published my “Seventh Story Stockpile!” The reason I seem so excited is that I’ve been meaning to have this out for … about a year.  My plan had been to have it out last summer, but I ran into a few issues.  For example, some stories I had planned to include I couldn’t figure out how to end and had to replace.  But the main problem was trying to handle forty different projects, trying to help my parents around the farm, trying to have some me time, and working a practically full-time job that I didn’t want but needed the money.  I’d work on SSS for a bit, than set it aside to watch a movie or go to work, and the next thing I’d know it would be two months later.  I’d work on it some more, and then go to bed and the next thing I’d know it would two months later.

But now it’s finally here.  I know I should be trying to wow you on the stories you’ll find inside, but now I’m still a bit shocked that I finally forced myself to get it out.  I want to take a break, maybe catch up on my reading and some movies, but my next big project – another story collection titled “Travels Beyond Imagination” – is standing behind me annoyingly clearing its throat.

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