Monday, November 21, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”

“The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”

There was once a goat with seven little kids. One day she had to go into the forest and she told them to beware the wolf. She said that he likes to disguise himself but they would know him for his rough voice and black feet.

Not long after she left, there came a knock on the door. But the kids knew it wasn’t their mother but the wolf for his rough voice. So the wolf went and bought a lump of chalk to soften his voice.

When the wolf went back to the house, the kids were fooled by his voice, but he had put his black paws up to the window so they knew it wasn’t their mother. So the wolf went to the baker to rub some dough on his feet, and then to the miller for some white meal. The miller knew the wolf was playing some trick and didn’t want to be part of it, but the wolf threatened to eat him so he whitened the wolf’s paws.

This time when the wolf went to the house the kids let him in – he had a smooth voice and white feet – and he ate six of them, but he missed the one hiding in the clock-case. The wolf then went to a meadow and fell asleep.

When the mother finally came home, she was most distraught. She found the one in the clock-case who told her the story. They went to the meadow and found the wolf and she saw that something was moving in his stomach. She sent the youngest back home for her scissors and thread. When he returned, she was able to cut open the wolf and her other six kids jumped out. They then filled his stomach with rocks and sewed him back up.

When the wolf finally woke up, he was thirsty. But when he went to the well, the rocks toppled him over and he drowned. And the mother and her kids danced around the well.


Who knew eating chalk would soften your voice? That’s not something I’d want to try.

So instead of getting something at the bakers, or just eating the miller, the wolf had to eat these kids?

Isn’t there more than just a color difference between the feet of a goat and of a wolf? You mean, not one of the kids thought, “I don’t remember mother having such claws.” I’m just a simple farm boy, but don’t goats have hooves?

How heavy a sleeper is the wolf that he didn’t wake up when someone cut his stomach open?

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