Thursday, September 30, 2021

Writing Newsletter Third Quarter 2021

In the last three months, I’ve republished three of my stories.  They are “The Greater the Risk,” “Good for the Goose,” and “Shake Things Up.”

I also published my … unfinished story “The News.” This is a story that I should have finished in 2005, but it got forgotten about.  And now, it’s too outdated to really work without a major overhaul.  I hated to just throw it away, so I just cut out all the “Add details here” bits and published it.  Someday I may have to look through my dead story folder to see if there are any other unfinished stories that are finished enough to work as a blog post. 

A big thing I started in the last three months are my Free Story Ideas.  I have more ideas that I will ever be able to write, so I’m writing up my outlines and notes for various stories and just posting them to the world.  If someone can make something with these ideas, great. 

Things have been hectic for a while, and I haven’t gotten much real writing done.  Hopefully, things will ease up and I’ll have the time and energy to write more.  We’ll see.


Image from Pixabay.

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