Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Writing Newsletter Fourth Quarter 2020

Way back in 2006, I began making a quarterly newsletter for my writing news.  At first, I emailed it to my friends, but part way through the year I switched over to putting monthly updates on my website.  It was a way to let people know what – if anything – of mine had been published, random updates, and I usually added a short story or haiku or something.  I continued for several years (I moved the posts to an old blog), but in mid-2013 I stopped.  And I don’t remember why.  My guess is that things were hectic at the time and I felt bogged down, and I took a break and just never got back to it.  Until now.   

I had been thinking of doing a year end wrap up blog, but it was rather depressing thinking of how little I did this year.  The only big thing happened in October, and after thinking for a bit I came back to the idea of a quarterly newsletter.  It will cover any writing news I have, or feel like sharing, and maybe a story or haiku or something.  I’m going to try to keep this version simple, so there’s less chance I’ll feel bogged down.


In October, I self-published Useless Cogs.

It is a collection of forty, science fiction stories.  The stories range from only a few dozen words to a few thousand and are filled with time travelers, AIs, clones, aliens, even sexbots, although not often as you would imagine.  As examples, there’s a time traveler that’s always a step behind, an AI that’s late on rent, and a sexbot with bad software.  Some of the stories are humorous, some horrifying, and some … depend on your point of view. 

It can be found on Amazon for $1.99.


In the last three months, I’ve also republished my short stories “For the People?” and “The Horror.” Over the years several of the sites my stories have been on have gone under, or the stories are still online, just on an old blog that nobody follows.  So I’ll occasionally repost them to keep them alive.

I also published a new “Christmas” story, “Too Good to be True.”


I didn’t get around to writing a story for this quarter.  Maybe next year.


Image from Pixabay.

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