Monday, July 10, 2017

Grimm Reviews – “The Three Feathers”

“The Three Feathers”

A king had three sons.  The two oldest were thought wise, but the youngest was thought silly and was called Simple. 

As the king grew old, he didn’t know which son to leave his kingdom to.  So he sent them out and the one who brought him the finest carpet would be king.  Before they set out, they each blew a feather to see in what direction they would go.  One headed east, one west, but Simple’s feather fell to the ground.  The older two laughed at his misfortune and set out.

Simple sat by his feather not knowing what to do.  But then he saw a trap door.  He opened it and saw a set of stairs.  He went down until he came to a door and knocked.

The door opened to a large frog with several smaller frogs.  The large frog asked what he wanted and he replied the finest carpet, so she gave him one.

The two older brothers – apparently meeting up again – figured that since Simple wouldn’t be able to find a carpet, they didn’t need to search very far.  The first person they came to was a shepherd with a large plaid cloth.  They bought it and took it home.

The king was set to give his kingdom to Simple, but the two older brothers protested and demanded a second test.  So the king sent them out to find the most beautiful ring.

They again blew their feathers, and Simple’s fell near the trap door.  He went down and told the frog what he wanted, and she gave it to him. 

The two older brothers again figured Simple wouldn’t find anything, so they just grabbed a metal ring off a wagon. 

Again the king was set to give the kingdom to Simple, but the two older brothers demanded a third test.  So the king sent them off to find the most beautiful woman to be their wife.

The two older brothers followed their feathers, but Simple went back to the frog.  But she didn’t have a beautiful woman, but she gave him a hollowed out carrot with six mice harnessed to it.  Simple wasn’t sure what to do with it, but the frog told him to seat one of her little frogs on it. 

Simple took one of the little frogs and set it on the carrot.  The mice and carrot turned into horses and a carriage, and the little frog turned into the beautiful maiden.  They took the carriage to the castle and he introduced her to the king.

The two older brothers just found the prettiest peasant maidens they could find. 

The king was set to give the kingdom to Simple, but the two older brothers again complained.  This time they asked for a ring to be hung in the hall and for each woman to jump through.  They figured their peasant stock maidens were made of sterner stuff than the fine woman Simple found and she might die.  But the two peasants fell – one breaking an arm, the other a leg – while Simple’s woman leaped through the ring easily.

When the king died, Simple ruled the kingdom.


There’s a trap door right outside the castle leading to the frog queen, or whatever, and nobody has noticed it before?

So this frog just has carpets, rings, and magic carrots laying around for any who call?

So where the older brothers planning on co-ruling or something?

Did nobody ask Simple where he got the carpet?  Why did they just assume he wouldn’t be able to get a ring at the same place?

Wasn’t this trap door right outside the castle?  Why did they need to take a magic carrot carriage to it?

“Ah, I guess you’re pretty enough to be my queen.”

Yes, let’s make the future queen jump through a ring because ….

Was does the big frog have beautiful women as little frogs? 

Did the older brothers have to marry their wounded maidens?

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