Monday, February 13, 2017

Grimm Reviews – “The Little Folks’ Presents”

“The Little Folks’ Presents”

A hunchbacked, greedy, goldsmith and a tailor were traveling together. One night they heard singing off in the woods and because it was so pleasant they went to find it. Eventually they found a hill where an old man sat in the middle of a group of little folk dancing and singing in a circle.

The old man motioned them to come in and they did. The old man then sharpened a knife and shaved off their beards and hair. He then motioned them to fill their pockets from a pile of coals. At midnight the singing ended and the two found an inn and went to sleep.

In the morning they woke to find their pockets filled with gold and their hair had grown back. The tailor was happy and wanted to go marry his sweetheart, but the goldsmith wanted more gold. So he took a couple of bags with him and went through everything again. But when he woke the next morning, all he had were coals. Even the gold from the first night had turned back to coals. And he remained bald and he now had a second hump on his chest. But the tailor was a good man who shared his riches with the goldsmith.


Don’t be greedy with little folk gold!

I guess the little folk are magical and fun loving creatures, but is there some purpose behind giving magical gold to travelers they shave bald for a night?  Or is it their version of some prank reality show?

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