Monday, October 17, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “The Wonderful Musician”

“The Wonderful Musician”

A musician was walking through the woods when he grew lonely. He played his fiddle in the hopes it would bring out a companion. Well, a wolf showed up and begged to be taught how to fiddle. The musician didn’t really want a wolf for a companion, so he tricked the wolf to get his front paws stuck in a tree and to stay until he came back.

The musician walked on, and decided to play his fiddle again. This time a fox came out begging to learn how to fiddle. The musician didn’t want a fox for a companion, so when they came to a convenient spot he tied the fox’s front paws to different trees and told him to stay until he came back.

The musician then walked on, and when he played his fiddle a third time a hare came asking to be taught to play. The musician tied a string around the hare’s neck and had him run around a tree until he was tangled, and told him to stay until he came back.

But the fourth time the musician played, a woodsman came to him to listen to the beautiful music. Meanwhile, the wolf had gotten free and had come after the musician, freeing both the fox and hare. But when they finally caught up to the musician, the woodsman raised his axe and scared them away. The musician played more music to show his appreciation to the woodsman, and then he left.


I’m not sure if this is the right title for this story. I don’t think this musician was wonderful. He seemed more … dickish. He couldn’t have just told the wolf, fox, or hare that he had no interest teaching animals to fiddle? The only thing he could do was tie them up? Seems like this musician had some issues.

And if his fiddle playing was so good it brought out the animals, you’d think he would have plenty of company with hunters.

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