Wednesday, January 3, 2024

My writing goals for 2024


Four or five months ago, in an attempt to get my act together, I set deadlines to finish five of my projects.  Three of those deadlines are this year.  I want to publish Collection X, my tenth short story collection, a collection of essays on building a lunar base, which I’m still hammering a title out for, and Rediscovery, a novella I started years ago about a writer rediscovering the world and her novels after she lost her memory in a terrorist attack.  Altogether, I’m probably about 50% done on all of them, I just have to actually finish the other 50%. 

Great idea.  Will I actually meet these deadlines?  I guess only time will tell.


Each Election Year, I’ve reread my old ebooks to update them or fix any typos that have managed to survive all these years.  I still plan to do that this year, I just think that for my first ten or so ebooks – which I’ve already done this to two or three times – it will be the last time.  I’ll still update the front matter to include new ebooks, but I think I’ll stop doing these four-year updates.  They take a lot of time, time I need to be writing new stuff if I’m to meet any of my deadlines.


Last year, I started my Monthly Stories, where I posted a story on my website each month.  In 2024, I plan to continue that.  I also plan to start posting a story each month on my Ko-fi account, largely because I’m not sure what else to do there.  The Monthly Stories are stories I come up with and write that month, while for Ko-fi I’ll repost stories, or write some and hold on to them for a few months. 


I guess the last goal I have for this year is to submit some stories to magazines or websites.  There is one site I know I want to submit to, and I’d like to submit to at least two other places.  We’ll see.


Well, to meet all of these goals, I need to get writing.  Wish me luck.


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