Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Random Writing Tips – Have a fun project

Writing can be a chore.  Maybe you’re working on a difficult chapter, or you’re so annoyed with some of the characters you just want to strangle them, or maybe you’re a bit under the weather but you still want to do some writing that day.  My suggestion is to have a fun project.  This is just something you can do for a day or two as a break from your more serious project.  These could be anything from “The Continuing Adventures of Queasy-Man,” or maybe you try to write a sentence where every word begins with the same letter.

Now some people – for one reason or another – feel that all their writing activity needs to build to a story or a book that they can sell.  At first, they may feel that a day not working on their big project is a day wasted, but these fun projects can easily be turned into blog posts, or bonuses for people who preorder your book, or even an ebook you could publish under a pen name.  Or they could just be used as a writing exercise to spark or explore new ideas.  A fun fact about writing is that putting words to page or screen is writing. 


Image from Pixabay.

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