Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Writing Prompt for March 2, 2016

The prompt for today is: stories around the campfire

This is what I wrote:

We had some powerful winds during the night, knocking our electricity out for about eleven hours.  On one hand, it really sucked.  I had to bootleg a couple TV shows I had missed, I took a bit of skin off one of my fingers as I pried the ice out of my defrosting mini fridge, and I didn’t sleep that well because I need a constant sound like a fan going to drown out little noises that give my brain something to think about and keep it awake.  On the other hand, I did notice something interesting.  The power went out about 8:30, but I usually go to bed about 4:00, so I couldn’t really go, Oh, I can’t really do anything, so I’ll turn in early.  I did spend a few hours reading by a small, battery powered lantern, but I also spent some time sitting in the dark.  And I realized why our ancestors had started telling stories around a campfire: sitting in the dark is boring.

Image from Pixabay.

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