Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Writing Prompt for February 24, 2016

The prompt for today is: zombies

This is what I wrote:

There are several movie reviewers I watch online.  I’ve been rewatching episodes of one lately, and I’m in the Halloween episodes, which is why I’m talking about zombies in February.

I’m not a big zombie fan.  Off hand, I can only think of three zombie movies I’ve seen, and of those the only one I liked was Shaun of the Dead.  Zombies aren’t as interesting as, say, vampires.  Of course, I’m not a big vampire fan either.  I think I’ve written three vampire stories, but one of those was about a guy for whom “vampire” is just the closest term we have for what he really is, and another was about a woman who modified her body with nanites so she could play vampire.  I do have a series of stories I need to work on at some point about “zombies,” but they are just dead bodies who – through nanites – are puppeted by criminals to commit crimes. 

Looking back at what I’ve done with vampires and want to do with zombies, I guess I want to use these popular templates, but in my own way.  Which is probably the best way to use them.  I mean, you don’t want to just shamble around like a zombie writing about … zombies.

Image from Pixabay.

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