Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Links to all of my stories

The other day I was looking around the web for new ways of promoting my books.  On one of those “Ten tips for better sales” types of pages, one of the tips was to have a blog post with clear links to everything you’re trying to spread the word on.  Having one spot with everything makes sense because then you only have to link to that one thing.  So this just has links and short descriptions for my main stories online.  If you’re really curious for all of my stories you can find online, you’ll need to wade through my webpage.


Print anthologies

I have three anthologies that I self-published.  The links take you to the page on my webpage that has links to where you can buy the paperback versions, as well as the Kindle version.

A Man of Few Words

Fifty stories, all under 1,000 words.

The All-You-Can-Read Buffet

Forty stories giving you a buffet of my style.

Political Pies

Forty stories with political themes.



These mini-anthologies contain five short stories that are to give a sample of my writing.  All of them are on Kindle, and the links take you to the US site for them.

Brain for Rent and other stories

Five scifi stories.

The Most Powerful Man in the World andother stories

Five scifi stories.

A Cabin Under a Cloudy Sea and otherstories

Five scifi stories, all set upon the moon.


Single stories

These are single stories available on Kindle.  The links take you to the US site for them.


A story about a tragedy at a space colony

Lonely Phoenix

A tale about a surprise on an interstellar colony ship.


Who cleans up the mess when the time machine malfunctions?

The Only Certainty

What’s the only certainty in a body swapping world?




The Future is Coming

This is a collection of ten, short essays dealing with science fiction ideas I believe will soon be science fact.


Stories on Patreon

I’m working on a series of stories that I am posting on my Patreon profile.  Patreon is a place where patrons can help content creators.  Eventually, I plan to collect them into an anthology which will be available on Kindle.


Stories on QuarterReads

QuarterReads is a site where you can buy short stories for only $0.25.  The best part is that $0.22 of that goes to the authors.  Here is my author page with links to all the stories I have on there.


Some miscellaneous stories

I write for several sites where I get paid for page views.  Every now and then, I’ll publish a story on them.  This link will take you to a page on my website where I’ve listed these stories from the various sites.

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