Monday, March 6, 2017

Grimm Reviews – “The Water Sprite”

“The Water Sprite”

A brother and sister once fell into a well, and at the bottom they met a fairy. But the fairy took both of them to make them work for her.

The fairy made the girl spin hard flax and try to fill a cask full of holes with water. The boy she sent to the woods with a dull axe to cut wood.

The children didn’t care for this, so one Sunday when the fairy was at church, they ran away. The fairy saw them and gave chase.

The children saw her coming, so the girl threw a great brush, which grew into a mountain with prickly points. The fairy managed to get over it, so the boy threw a comb which grew into a mountain of combs, but the fairy managed to get over it.

The girl then threw a mirror that grew into a mountain. But this was so slippery, the fairy had to return home to get her axe to break it. But by the time she broke it, the children were long gone and she had to return home empty handed.


I can – to some extent – understand the making them work, but why make them work at stupid tasks? If the fairy didn’t have actual chores for them to do, why bother taking them? What sick power play does this fairy get off on?

What church do fairy’s go to?

Where did the kids get the items that magically grow into mountains? And why didn’t they use them earlier?

Are these magical kids related to Lena and Birdie?

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