Monday, December 5, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “The Wolf and the Man”

“The Wolf and the Man”

One day a fox was talking to a wolf about how no animal could best Man, and the wolf said he’d never seen a Man, but he’d attack one nevertheless. So the next day the fox took the wolf to a road in the forest.

As they waited, an old soldier came by. The wolf asked if that was a Man, but the fox said he had been a Man. Next came a schoolboy, and when the wolf asked, the fox said that he would be a Man.

Then the huntsman came along and the fox said there was a Man before running off. The wolf attack, but the Man fought him with gun and knife and the wolf had to run away. And the fox chided the wolf for being a braggart.


About the only real issue I have with this is the last bit where the fox tells the wolf about being a braggart.  He says it as “You throw your hatchet so far that you can’t get it back again.” That would make sense to humans who have hatchets, but the wolf had no idea what guns and knives were, so why would he know what a hatchet was?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Grimm Reviews – “The Wolf and the Fox”

“The Wolf and the Fox”

A wolf and fox once lived together, but the fox wasn’t too happy since the wolf was bigger and stronger and always got his way.

One day the wolf told the fox to get him something to eat or he would eat the fox. The fox went and got a lamb for the wolf. The wolf wanted more, so he went to steal another lamb. But since he wasn’t as stealthy as the fox, the wolf was discovered and beaten by the farmers.

The next day the wolf told the fox to get him something to eat or he would eat him. So the fox went sneaking around a house and came back with some pancakes. The wolf wanted more, but since he wasn’t as stealthy, he was caught and nearly beaten to death.

The wolf was limping along, but one day he told the fox to get him something to eat or he would eat him. The fox knew of a man who had a cellar full of salted meat. But this time the wolf went with him, so the fox could help him if something went amiss.

Well, the wolf started gorging himself on the salted meat while the fox only ate a bit. The fox would eat, then go back to the small hole they used to get into the cellar, saying he was looking out for people. When the man heard something going on in his cellar, he went down to look. The fox slipped back out of the hole, but the wolf had eaten so much he no longer fit and the man killed him.


I can understand a wolf eating lamb and salted meat, but pancakes?  Were old timey pancakes filled with slabs of bacon or something?

One thing I didn’t mention is that after each time the wolf was caught and beaten, the fox asked why he was such a glutton, but the wolf never answered. But I guess the moral of the story is “Don’t be a glutton, or else some guy will beat you to death for eating all of his salted meat.”

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

“An Ounce of Prevention” is free

My scifi story “An Ounce of Prevention” is free to download for Kindle from today through Sunday, November 27.  Here’s the blurb for it: 

Like most people, Jason Fisher wanted to make the world a better place, but he doubted he would ever have the chance to make much of a mark. Then a “woman” came to him, asking his help to save humanity by threatening it.