Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Political Pies is free

I first published Political Pies, my collection of short stories with a political theme, in the early fall of 2012.  Besides hoping that people would buy it and I’d make some money off of it, is the hope that my stories would spark an idea and readers would reexamine some of their political beliefs.  Therefore, it made sense to get copies to as many people as possible.  Which is why since then I try to have it free to download on elections and the Fourth of July.  I think sometimes I forget, but I try to have my free promotions linked to some political/national event.  Which is a long winded way to say that to mark the Inauguration Friday, you can now download the Kindle version of Political Pies through Sunday.  So if you haven’t already, grab your free copy now.

Wednesday Writing Prompt for January 18, 2017

Write a sentence containing the following word: power

Here is my example:

Given that the lights flickered just at the scary part of the movie, the conspiratorial part of John’s mind started to wonder if the power company was watching him and wanted to add to the ambiance.

Image from Pixabay.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Grimm Reviews – “The Fox and the Cat”

“The Fox and the Cat”

A cat met an arrogant fox one day who boasted that he was clever and had a bag full of tricks. The cat said she only had one trick: that of climbing a tree when the hounds were near.

The fox laughed, but then some hounds showed up. The cat climbed the tree and hid in the branches and laughed at the fox as all his tricks failed him.


Don’t be boastful and arrogant. That’s a good moral. Of course this story also teaches that it’s okay to just stand by and laugh as the boastful and arrogant get their comeuppance.

Also, how did the hounds sneak up on the fox so easily?