Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Writing Prompt for March 9, 2016

The prompt for today is: pennies

This is what I wrote:

Years ago, I worked the night shift at a convenience store.  I prefer working at night – I’m a night owl – but one issue I had was it was tough for me to sleep during the day.  So I often took long walks around the town I lived in at the time to tire myself out.  I took the time to think about story ideas, and to keep an eye out for lost change.  I’d find dimes, nickels, and occasional quarters, but most of what I found were pennies.  I’d save them all up, and then I’d go to the post office whenever I needed to buy stamps.  There was a stamp vending machine that took pennies, I think it was the only vending machine I ever saw that did.  I would stand there – there was never a line or anything – putting in twenty or thirty pennies to buy some stamps.  I got free postage, and I kept these pennies in circulation.

Image from Pixabay.

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