Monday, October 5, 2020

Free Election Kindle

Shortly before the 2012 election, I self-published Political Pies, a collection of forty of my stories of various genres but all dealing with politics in some fashion.  In case you’re wondering, I tried to be equally condemning of both parties.  There are a couple of stories where there’s a debate between a Republican, a Democrat, and some Third Party person, and it’s the Third Party person who is talking sense.  I wasn’t trying to cram some ideology down people’s throats, I just wanted to hopefully get people thinking about political issues after showing them a point of view they had probably never thought of before. 

Anyway, in the years since I’ve tried to have a free sale for the Kindle version around every Election Day.  (And also the Fourth of July, and sometimes the Pennsylvania Primary elections.)  The hope was that maybe someone would download it and then have something to read while they waited in line to vote. 

Usually I just have Political Pies for free, but back in March and April I had two Coronavirus Sales where – each time – people could freely download six of my ebooks.  And given how important this election is, I decided to have an even bigger sale.  Between Friday October 30, and Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, ten of my ebooks (including Political Pies) will be free to download.  I’ll have a blog post listing all of them when the time comes, but the point of this post is to ask if other authors would care to join me in offering up free Kindle ebooks for Election Day.  Either so people have something to read while waiting in line, or as a reward for voting.

I’m not trying to organize like a website listing everything that’s free.  My grand plan is just using #FreeElectionKindle on Twitter to hopefully catch some attention.  If you want to join in, great.  If not, that’s also great. 

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