Saturday, October 31, 2015

30 Stories in 30 Days?

Several years ago, I got the idea of challenging myself to write thirty stories in as many days.  Since then, I’ve picked a thirty day month each year to try this.  Some years, I’ve succeeded and others I haven’t due to moving, illness, etc.  Tomorrow, I will be starting my 2015 30 Stories in 30 Days Challenge.  I will be posting the stories on my Persona Paper profile, but if you want a more detailed explanation of how this all started, as well as links to all my old stories, you can find them on this page on my website.

Two notes, this will almost certainly be the last year I try this.  Also, it’s pretty much a given that I won’t get to thirty stories: I’ll be happy if I get ten.  The reason being I think the story ideas I’m coming up with now require a longer story to develop and aren’t the two or three hundred word stories I could just hammer out in an afternoon.  We’ll just have to see if I can come up with a new challenge for my writing.

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